Sharing my life with agoraphobia….

Hi there…

This is my first post on I am so excited to be here! I have thumbed through so many posts here and love what I find. I hope this will be a long and fun ride for me and everyone reading the posts that will follow!

I am an online retailer ( and also a writer and poet. I also happen to be an agoraphobic, which gives me plenty of time to work on all my creative projects! Well, maybe not always 🙂   There just never seems to be enough hours in the day.

I can be found on facebook by email address  or by my name “Ellen Isaksen”.  On Twitter I am @eaisaksen. Why not stop by and be my friend?   🙂

My goal here is to share my life via thoughts, feelings and circumstances in the hopes that someone else, especially somenoe who is challenged with agoraphobia might be helped.

Thanks for stopping by.

E. A. Isaksen (Ellen)


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