Judging A Book By It’s Cover

I have been enjoying many of Oprah’s Sunday interview programs. One of them is called Oprah’s Master Class. Actually in this series she really does not interview the guests, but rather let’s them give an hour’s commentary about what they have learned during their individual life’s journey. She has had people on such as Jane Fonda, Maya Angelou, Goldie Hawn etc.. When I listened to each of these people talk about their individual lives and life lessons I became fascinated and even mesmorized at that things I discovered about each of them that I never would have guessed. Unfortunately we only get to see what the media presents about these people.
I started thinking….no WISHING, that somehow all of us could come with a small pamphlet that reveals who we really are at a gut level and give it to those we meet before they have a chance to judge us by our guarded exterior. We walk through this life only allowing so much of ourselves to be seen. I wish that somehow we could become safe enough in this world to be able to let our defenses down a bit and ease up on the armor we wear. What a rush it is to really connect on a soul level with someone….. I for one, live for it!


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