SOOOOOOOO close…….

Good afternoon everyone….

Well, today is May 31, 2013 and I am here to say that my memoir, Behind These Eyes, is completed and in the proper format for Kindle and Nook! I completed the work on Memorial Day (May 27th) and just got the reformatting for Kindle and Nook back today.  It’s been about 16 months and 2 weeks, but who’s counting???  What a journey this has been. All that is left is to figure out how to get it uploaded to and Barnes & Noble… It is all feeling surreal at the moment. My hope is that someone, somewhere will read it and discover that even if their life is not perfect they can still make it a whole and happy one.

Throughout writing the book I had many difficult emotional moments, but after about six times of reading it and reliving the pain over and over again, I could finally see the positve moments of my life in between the seeming tragedies. I recognized my true inner self– the me that was born peaceful and happy to be alive. Going forward it is my desire to keep reminding myself that peace is my natural state and make a conscious effort to release everything that interferes with that natural state of being. This is my wish for everyone.

I’ll keep ya posted as to when the book is finally “out there!”


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