The Great Driver’s License Project!

Morn’n everyone… Well, it’s almost July and that means birthday time for me and also time to get my driver’s license renewed. This is NO small feat for a housebound person!!!  I started many months ago by contacting the head of the DMV in my state (Florida). I pleaded my case stating how important it was/is for me to still have my driver’s license even though I am not driving at the moment. I still have high hopes that I will be back “out” one day and this is a very important tool in helping me get there. Additionally a license just gives you the feeling that you are still an active and viable member of society, to say nothing of the ID it provides.
I heard back from the DMV and they told me that they would arrange to have someone come to my house to take my photo and then process my license for me. How AWESOME is that! I thought,  “WAY TO GO FLORIDA!”   
The gentleman I spoke with told me we still had a LOT of time so to call back when it was closer for my license to expire, which is now.  So…I called in end of May I believe only to find out that the laws had changed and they were no longer allowed to come to a person’s home to take photos. I was FLABBERGASTED!  I was SO counting on having this work out. At any rate, “they” are still working  on a way to help me accomplish my goal. Wish me luck!!  If this does not work out I shall have to try writing more people and getting more creative. Agoraphbic’s are nothing if not creative!!

OH…and wanted to mention that my book, Behind These Eyes: One Agoraphobic’s Journey To A Meaningful LIfe is now availabe on and also on at site called The Shrink LInk (… We’re inching our way along!!

Be well everyone…
Hugs, Ellen  ( ohhh those hugs fell so good, don’t they?)   🙂


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