Momentary Setback…..

Hello everyone. I found out yesterday that I have lost my battle with the Florida State DMV to get my driver’s license renewed. Initially I was shocked as I felt that they were really going to work with me, but in the end they said there was nothing they could do for me unless I physically came into the DMV. That is not an option today so as of this Sunday, July 7th I will be without a driver’s license. It’s amazing just how much that little card seems to represent. To me it represents being part of “everyone else”….it represents freedom to choose. I don’t drive now, but if I wanted to start practicing it again I cannot. That truly saddens me. Somehow I feel  trapped in my house whereas before my being homebound was more of an “acceptance.” Since I believe all things are a matter of perspective I shall try to get a better one in this area. I will also regroup and see if writing my congressman for example, will make a difference. I don’t think “they” have heard the last from me. Someone needs to speak on behalf of those of use who cannot physically get into certain places to accomplish important, even life-altering tasks.

On a lighter note, my book “Behind These Eyes” will be published in paper form SOON. I was not sure that I even wanted to do that, but I decided that it would be nice to hold the hard copy in my hand as opposed to just having the digital copy. This has all been such a learning experience for me in so many ways. It’s nice to know that we can all continue to learn, grow and be creative as long as we live!


5 thoughts on “Momentary Setback…..

  1. Hi Ellen, sorry to hear about the drivers license. I know what you mean about how important it is. In Illinois you have to take a driving test every few years. Mine is coming up in 3 years I am already worried. Did you ever think any more about what I said about your eyes being your problem? I have lowered the price of the kindle as low as I can get it. It is now .99 cents. Did you get a chance to read the book or kindle?
    I tried to copy a video from MD Junction to here but I couldn’t do it. It was a welcome to MDJunction Video. It was so cute. Hope all is well with you. Hugs, Yolanda

    • Hi Yolanda!

      Thanks for writing! I got another road block today re: the license renewal….I don’t think there is any way I can get it without going in…it’s a bummer.
      My brother died suddenly on the 4th of July as well so it is a really sad week.

      Yes, I wrote you about the eye thing..I guess you did not get my email.. I spoke to Dr. Debbie… The test shows I am a likely candidate, but she is so far away. Not sure what I can do about that.

      I also wrote you and told you that I read you book and that we had SOOO much in common. I am sorry you did not get those messages. The book was an easy read and I read it in 3 days….

      I hope all is well with you..

      • Hi Ellen, so good to hear from you. I can’t imagine where your emails went. I usually read everything. So sorry to hear about your brother.
        I am glad that you talked to Dr. Debbie. Did she have any suggestions? I know she would like to train doctors to do what she does. Could she suggest anyone in Florida? Sometimes eye doctors come to the house. Even if you could find out how far off your eyes are. We have to keep on this until we get something done. I’m on the net drumming up information about this and there is no way to get help. How awful can this be. I know its important to go slow at putting prisms in glasses or it won’t help.
        Glad you liked my book. I am sure I flunked Grammar and English while in school. I was like a wild person on a mission when I wrote the book
        I have been on MDJunction a lot lately. Every now and then I can sneak something in about the eyes but they are very slow to accept that news. I have never mentioned my book because I don’t know if I can do that. I put it in my bio on “support group” and now they won’t let me on anymore.
        There is one girl on MDJunction that lives in Michigan not far from Dr. Debbie and she has an appointment I think on the 17th of this month to see about her eyes. I couldn’t believe she lived right there.
        I cry when I see what all these people are going through and no way to help them.
        I will pray for you Ellen that the Lord would open up a way for you to get your eyes tested.
        I can’t believe I have went on and on. Did your brother have any of the problems that you have? This thing runs in family’s. Take care talk to you soon. Love Yolanda

      • Hi Yolanda… Let me know if you get this email ..ok? Dr. Debbie just told me to hold my hand over my right eye if I am having a panic attack or am very anxious to see if it calms me down within 5 minutes or so. So far I have not had a panic attack to test it on! Other than that there is nothing I can do…she is too far away and there is no one here in Florida. Why in the world did they throw you off MD Junction for mentioning your book???? I have not really gone there in years…..but that is just WRONG….. Take good care and let me know if you get this..ok? Ellen

      • Hi Ellen, I was wondering about covering one eye. The eye doctor in California tells you to do that. I am going to send you and article about it. I have been doing research. The group that won’t let me on is “Support Groups” MCJunction are nice people. At the moment I am in a town called Spring Valley, Ill it is about a two hour drive from my house. My husband and I came down to see his cousin who is really sick. But I always bring my computer with. There are a lot of people who need help so I am searching the internet for another way. I am glad you talked to Dr. Debbie. She is so willing to help. She is driven like m, Yolanda

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