Still Sett’n Back!

Well my friends, I am sorry to say I lost the next battle with the Florida State Dept. of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. After telling me last year that they COULD and WOULD help me get my license renewed I have reached a dead end. I even called my State Representative, Mike Fasano, but he apparently reached a dead on my behalf as well. I’d like to say however, that I was terribly impressed at the willingness and prompt attention he gave to this matter. Not sure where to go from here… I will keep you updated.

On an even sadder note, my brother passed away quite suddenly on the 4th of July. We were not all that close, but I really wanted to be. He seemed to want to keep his distance from parts of his immediate family in recent years. His sudden passing was is truly a shock….I hope he is in a wonderfully peaceful place. 

On a lighter note..
Sunday was my birthday and I had the most unexpectedly delightful and diversified day! I had lots of fun and good wishes from friends and neighbors. I even got out ( just a wee bit in my immediate neighborhood) with a caring and trusted friend. YIPPEE….Ya just never know what’s around the next corner in this life.

Gotta keep the faith!




2 thoughts on “Still Sett’n Back!

  1. Hi Yolanda….thanks for the good wishes… Yes, got out a tiny bit…probably only a few hundred feet from my house,but it is something. I occasionally (very rarely) am able to walk a few feet or ride as a passenger, even if only the length of two or three houses. For so many years I have not been able to get farther, but I am still so much better off than so many others.. 🙂 I hope you are well…..

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