Life Changes on a Dime!

I know it is cliche, but truly life can change “on a dime.” I have seen it over and over again in my life, especially when I unexpectedly lose a loved one. Today I am referring to it happily in a most positive way. I have had the good fortune recently to have two new people enter my life. Actually one is brand new and the other is a person I knew only vaguely and now is living in my area as a neighbor and hopefully will become a good new friend. In addition to that a long time friend has just recently moved nearby.For so long I have been feeling so lonely after having so many losses but the universe must have heard my prayers because I am beginning to feel like I have a support system once again and it is the best of feelings.

Since I started writing this blog I have had an injury to my ankle. That is in just a few hours! It just proves my point…life changes on a dime, so we all truly need to try our best, no matter what our current state of affairs or health is to enjoy every moment and every loving person in our lives. The hours, minutes and seconds tick by faster than you can ever imagine, so why waste them living in anger, resentment, despair or even just in mindlessness of the moments. Here’s  a toast to TODAY!


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