Time Marches On! A new year and a new beginning!

Hello my friends! Well, here we are at 2018!! So much has happened in 2017 in my challenge-filled life. I turned another year older for one thing! Funny how, at my age, each new year is a landmark! You really don’t truly take in how precious each day, minute and breath is until you find yourself in the upper decades. I am sure I continue to grow, but the movement is not always apparent. Sometimes it takes a crisis or trauma to see exactly how far you have come. Just being agoraphobic brings its share of challenges, but life, and even mother nature, manages to throw in a couple of extra curve balls. This year my home state of  Florida was challenged with a LOT of rough weather. Hurricane Irma was the force that affected me the most. Such a huge, record breaking weather phenomenon. Through that dire emergency situation I realized that somehow I had managed to stay relatively calm, quite a feat for someone with my emotional makeup. I have been homebound for over 20 years and knew I might be forced to evacuate, but tried my best to accept life on life’s terms. This was all complicated by the fact that I have been experiencing new and difficult physical symptoms.

Some time earlier in 2017 I developed severe foot pain. I had two doctors diagnose me with plantar fasciitis. I finally succumbed to physical therapy since my busy holiday retail sales season would soon be upon me. Turns out that I did not have plantar fasciitis at all, but supposedly a back problem that was creating foot pain. The physical therapist was a nice enough guy, and seemed to help me lessen my foot pain relatively quickly, but somehow I developed knee and back pain as a result of the exercises I was prescribed. The hurricane demanded so much more of my body. First there was all the preparations and then all the clean up. Fortunately I suffered minor damage to my property. There was no time for resting my knee or back or even doing the required icing of my knee since I lost power and ice or even chilled food became a luxury. When it came time to renew my therapy the PT said he would not renew it since I had not made progress!!!! Now how was I supposed to do that when my body was continually stressed and strained due to all the complications connected to dealing with a hurricane? I am still dealing with a lot of physical pain and hopefully 2018 will bring some resolution. At any rate, my busy sales season has come and gone and somehow I managed to navigate it despite my physical limitations. So, if nothing else, I suppose I have developed better coping skills in dealing with what the universe throws my way.


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