About Me

ellenDMVOkay, so here’s a little about me 🙂
I was born on Staten Island in New York City. I have been challenged with a severe anxiety and panic disorder which resulted in my becoming agoraphobic at the age of thirteen. I spent much of my life undiagnosed and therefore had to find the courage to cope with my disorder without the benefit of proper interventions. I managed to complete my college education and got my Associates Degree from Staten Island Community College and later got my Bachelor’s Degree from Richmond College, also on Staten Island. I also did some post graduate work at Rutger’s Uniersity in New Jersey. After receiving my college degrees I became employed by the Willowbrook Developmental Center for the developmentally disabled where I worked as a Psychiatric Social Worker for about ten years. I was later transferred to Gowanda Psychiatric Center in Gowanda New York.

In my mid thirties, I moved to Florida where I worked briefly as an addictions counselor at an in-patient cocaine rehabilitation center. Shortly thereafter I decided to leave my profession to develop my creative skills and an entirely new world opened up for me. I became a web page designer and also began writing poetry and have many pieces of poetry published in various anthologies. I developed a supportive web site for agoraphobics several years ago and was eventually discovered by playwrights and a screen writer and was asked to consult on two plays and one movie that involved an agoraphobic character. I am the recipient of the Prometheus 2000 “The Muse of Fire” Poetry Award and also received a Certificate of Achievement in June 2000 for a poem published in “The American Poetry Annual.”

Today I am living happily in Central Florida as a writer who also maintains a small home-based business doing custom design and printing. I share my life with my two dogs and my parrot, Graycie. At the time of this writing I am still basically homebound, but continue to live a full and productive life. My book Behind These Eyes: One Agoraphobic’s Journey To A Meaningful Life is about overcoming life’s obstacles. It was enthusiastically written in the hopes that others who have limitations of any kind may come to realize that a robust and happy life can be obtained no matter how far one can or cannot move out of their physical or emotional comfort zone. It’s about being willing to continually put one foot in front of the other to see where it takes you. It’s about never giving up because at any moment a whole new world can be just around the corner. It’s about “Crying and washing the dishes anyway.”