Well, here we are just about at mid-January 2018 and I still don’t know what direction I want to take in this new year. So far the weather has been unseasonably cold for Florida. We even had SNOW in our northern sections!  I really do need to find a way to make more money, but every time I start to focus in on what that might look like, life decides to throw some new “issues” that need to be dealt with. I just finished my holiday sales season which was supposed to give me the extra money I need to carry me through the big insurances etc. for the year and already $1000.00 had to be spent on car repairs, plumbing etc… Have you noticed how quickly money can take a hike?

I also have a heart -wrenching problem that has become more pronounced. My dear friend, Julie, has advanced problems going on in her brain. She has two brain aneurysms and ALSO a condition known as moyamoya. Every time I say that world I think if a Hawaiian drink of some sort, but believe me this is no where as luxurious! It is a condition that cuts off blood supply to the brain and she was recently told that she now only has 25% blood flow coming from the main artery. At present I am her POA and I sense there will be a lot of health issues I will have to deal with on her behalf. She is an amazingly unique person and is taking this very much in stride and I only hope I will be able to do what is needed as her condition deteriorates further. This is one area where it is definitely a hindrance to be agoraphobic!

This year I also want to address my current health issues. I sure wish I knew where all this pain I am experiencing is coming from. I have foot, knee and back/hip pain. Being and empath might give me more “hunches” about what is going on , but I can never be sure. I will have to get more x-rays etc. I suppose. My gut tells me these pains are mostly related to the stress/tension I hold in my body. I recently found out about two conditions that *might* be at the bottom of my pain. One is Tension Myositis Syndrome and the other is called Myofascial Pain Disorder. Both are related to stress and the trigger points it can create.  The Tension Myositis Syndrome suggests that the pain might be a cover up for suppressed emotions. I will have to keep exploring. My nurse practitioner should be here for a visit soon and I will pick her brain about what she knows about these syndromes. So often GPs and nurse practitioners have little knowledge about disorders connected to emotional or psychological issues. There is a gadget that I have been practicing with that is called “The Dolphin” which is a neurostim unit…..something like an electric acupuncture machine that is supposed to help with all kinds of disorders by zapping a mild current into trigger points. There are different protocols for different maladies. It even has a protocol called “valium” for those of us who suffer from anxiety. I’ll let ya know if it seems to be of any help. So, 2018 is already filled with all kinds of challenges. Stay tuned!

This is me at the start of 2018… we’ll see how haggard I become by the end of the year! Ha!



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